Adrian's LDC Driving School Scunthorpe

for driving lessons in Brigg, Scunthorpe, Barton-upon-Humber, South Ferriby, Barrow-upon-Humber, Barnetby, Kirmington and surrounding areas.

Kayleigh Dowse
1st Time Pass
Passed 1st time with only one minor!!!! Can’t thank Adrian enough He’s absolutely brilliant, also sure he’s the only instructor who can listen to my rambling for hours on end ๐Ÿ˜‚. He is very precise on areas of improvement and makes sure you’re completely ready for your test!! 100% confident he was the right instructor for me! Thank you.

Jamie Jickells
Jamie Jickells 18 May 2015 ยท Highly recommend Adrian Patch to anyone that is wanting to learn to drive, such a great instructor! Thanks for helping me pass๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽ‰

Dwayne Dixon
Living in Germany and having started work I found myself in a position where I needed to drive. The price to learn to drive in Germany is about four times that in the U.K, so I chose to travel back and take an intensive course with LDC. I chose to learn with Adrian and the LDC system upon recommendations via other learners in the village. I was nervous about what driving lessons would be like but I need not have worried.

The LDC system was fantastic. I was able to watch my lessons first on the DVD do the quiz in my handbook then put it into practice with Adrian who monitored my progress as we went on. He made me feel relaxed and was encouraging if anything went wrong. His friendly and relaxed manner made for an overall excellent experience.

The only form of driving I had done prior to learning with Adrian was on an airfield in Germany in a left-hand drive car. However, Adrian soon had me behind the wheel and driving on the correct side of the road! After every lesson, Adrian would set me homework from the LDC workbook, or I would watch the corresponding parts of the LDC DVD ready for my next lesson.

This proved a great help and allowed me to get through content far more quickly than friends who had been learning for far longer but were only at the same point as me! The LDC system undoubtedly saves you many hours and a lot of money!

Adrian’s car truly is a fantastic drive. The smoothness, control and comfort you feel in it makes it an ideal car to learn in. Performing manoeuvres in the car was very easy and it is not until attempting these manoeuvres in my own car that I can truly appreciate just how good his car is! I would recommend Adrian to absolutely anybody, as he is flexible, reliable and so easy to get along with. In my opinion, the LDC system is the best and learning to drive with Adrian was a pleasure.

Bethany Jade Rhoades
Thank you so much for helping me pass my test!! Wednesday mornings wont be the same haha. Number one driving instructor.

Shara Green
Yeyyy, so happy I passed my driving test!! Thank you Adrian Patch.

Jim Ansell
Can finally tell the world that my son Jim Ansell passed his driving test today 1st time. Had a lovely ride out with him. Congratulations son and happy motoring. Stay safe.xx many thanks to LDC Adrian patch, a top instructor highly recommended Thanks for ur expertise Adrian, you've worked wonders with both my boys. Cant thank u enough. I will carry on recommending you.